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About CNZ platform


CNZ association is a non-profit organization like „Czech Digital Preservation Society“

CNZ means in Czech language …“What will be left of us“

The origin of CNZ association dates back to 2003, during which a team of experts, represented by experts from the National Archive, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Information and ATS Relsie, carried out Digital Continuity project. Completion of the task, the results of which were presented at the conference ISSS, did not mean the disappearance of the team, on the contrary, the team decided to continue in their activities due to lack of any other initiative in the field of electronic preservation. In the year 2006 they organized first Conference of CNZ.

Responses to the conference, gave rise to the idea to found an association CNZ that will be focused on long-term trustworthy storage of electronic documents and related issues. The idea was implemented on February 2008 when the initiative CNZ „What will be left of us“ was registered by the Ministry of the Interior as a civic association.

Among the key objectives of the association are:

  • contribute to higher level of long-term storage of electronic documents,
  • participate in the legislative aspects of Digital Continuity,
  • promote professional growth of staff in the field of Records Management and Archival services through sharing of experience and knowledge,
  • organize and promote educational programs, seminars and conferences
  • create professional platform for the meeting and exchange of information of its members.